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Eclectici is the first drone-expertise firm in Belgium and the Netherlands and was founded by Frank Broux. Frank has a background in IT and government. After obtaining his BNUC-S license as a drone pilot, it gave him more questions than answers. It was and still is an exciting trip in search for these answers. Now he is ready to help you find them.



First a little clearing about a misunderstanding: drones are actually remotely controlled unmanned aircrafts used for military purposes. In the industry we talk about of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or RPA / RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft / Remotely Piloted Aerial System).

In popular parlance, the word drone meanwhile is reasonably well established, so I also use it here, although it doesn’t cover the whole of systems.

Quite bluntly, the main function: you can fly a drone!

But it’s only a useful device if the drone is equipped with technology that expands the possibilities: a camera, a package, a measuring instrument, … From than on the drone is a means to achieve applications. Examples: aerial photography/video, mapping, inspection of buildings, windmills, inaccessible places, …

The possibilities are really endless, probably you yourself can currently think of a few.

Of course, the drone business would not last long if there wasn’t any money to be made.

Maybe not in general but sometimes it’s so obvious that you are probably thinking, “Why did I not think of this before?”. Real estate agents can make beautiful movies of the houses/apartments/business premises that they want to put into the market. If you pay attention, you will see drone footage daily in the news or in movies/series. A drone can follow the progress of a construction project in real time and the stakeholders (owner, architect, contractor) can view the images or the live streaming from the office (wherever in the world).

Anyway, once a drone can bring a cement bag of 25 kg at height in construction, we are dealing with no less than, and I choose the word carefully, a revolution!

That seems rather obvious. Nevertheless, and I don’t want to undermine the future vision of the many drone pilots who feel called and with enthusiasm follow a course, the difference will be made in the applications.

A drone is a means, not a purpose on itself! A good photographer will, with or without drone, deliver good photos. Just as a good filmmaker. Or a skilled height worker (the person, not the machine). The latter will use a drone to first grasp the problem at height, to assess the safety of the situation and act accordingly. But, eventually, he will still do the work.

The challenge is to find solutions to problems that now cost a lot of time and money. Find a solution to a problem, reduce the time to solve it and you earn money. Simple as that!

The situation now in Belgium. The Royal Decree that is submitted for approval on 10.04.2016 by the Federal Government, provides a number of regulations.

You can fly up to 10m on your own property with a drone up to 1 kg. This is meant for recreational use.

In Class II, you can fly up to 45m but not near buildings or people? You must follow a theoretical course, pass a practical exam with a registered drone and have an insurance.

For Class I, you have to write an operational manual, pass a theory test, pass a practical exam with a theoretical part, obtain a medical license and again an insurance. Within class I there’s still a distinction between Ia and Ib, where the risk analysis determines in which class the flight is conducted. Ia is a high-risk flight, Ib a medium-risk flight. Each flight must be requested at the DGLV (Directorate General Aviation Belgium).

These are the broad outlines. For more information, please contact us.


What do you think about that? Contact Eclectici, we look at your situation and find the right solution. More and more drone pilots follow training and get their diploma and the accompanying certificate to fly.

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