João Manoel de Holanda is an exchange student from Brazil, and for his final project on drones he had set up a meeting in Heerlen in De Wijk van Morgen.

Guest speakers that attended: John Dummer (Air-Vision), Luiz Curado (SGS) and Roy Jeunen (Airobot).

João himself set up an online platform to map the number of consumers with a drone. He wants to get a view on the numbers. There’s a lot of figures going around but no one really knows how many hobby drones are flying, e.g. in the Netherlands. In addition to this, he wants to offer an e-learning package in plain language to create awareness to the hobby pilots so they learn to use their drone in a sensible way.

John Dummer (Air-Vision), with years of photography experience, spoke about the added value of drones within his domain and talked about the requirements and rules for the Dutch drone industry.

Luiz Corado (SGS) spoke about the problems of a large international company to fly. SGS is best known for certification, testing, etc. And in that matter they had conceived the idea to go along in the drone innovations. A lot of training, administration, (bad) buys of appliances and regulatory-struggles later, they are still not airborne …

Roy Jeunen (Airobot) highlighted the side of the young entrepreneur into the drone business. Their Ranger for drones has now been picked up by a number of companies. New applications are coming.

An instructive afternoon there in the border region between the Netherlands and Germany. We have to remember however, that both small and large companies facing similar issues, though on a different scale …


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